Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dragon Hate Banks!

I really, really do...

In this electronic, instant age it should not be so damn hard to get a debit card, cash a check, or move money! *growls*

It took two weeks to get my pay check, three days for the damn thing to be approved by one bank, and now the payment that should have out it in my PayPal account so I can use the only card I have has been denied.

The hell?!?

The money is there and the check was valid. Why this is being so damn difficult is beyond me. I am in Canada with no money to my name because of automatic deductions, bank errors, and useless transactions that don't work. I can't even cash my own checks because my bank doesn't understand something as simple as a Doing Business As (DBA) form.

This is getting infuriating!

*breaths fire on the whole damn financial system*

Stupid banks. Dragon HATE banks!


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Zay said...


It'll all be okay, Dragon.