Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's not much...

...but there are a few new updates on my story blogs. If you've not been there in a while, please take a bit to read them. I really like the ways the stories are shaping up, and I hope you will too.

In other news, my gaming club's website is getting a full face lift. I hope to be able to post to post the URL soon for you. Once the webmistress is done with her work, I'll be sure to give you all a link to the site. It may not be of any real interest, but I will be putting d20 gaming content on it for people to use in their own games.

And not just D&D. Star Wars too, as well as mechanics for my own gaming system, Blessed. More on that topic later!

Be well,

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dragon Hate Banks!

I really, really do...

In this electronic, instant age it should not be so damn hard to get a debit card, cash a check, or move money! *growls*

It took two weeks to get my pay check, three days for the damn thing to be approved by one bank, and now the payment that should have out it in my PayPal account so I can use the only card I have has been denied.

The hell?!?

The money is there and the check was valid. Why this is being so damn difficult is beyond me. I am in Canada with no money to my name because of automatic deductions, bank errors, and useless transactions that don't work. I can't even cash my own checks because my bank doesn't understand something as simple as a Doing Business As (DBA) form.

This is getting infuriating!

*breaths fire on the whole damn financial system*

Stupid banks. Dragon HATE banks!


Saturday, January 6, 2007

It's underway

The trilogy I was asked to write for Mongoose Publishing in England has officially begin. I just completed a ten page chapter-by-chapter synopsis and character precis. It was a lot of work but I honestly think it'll be good for me in the long run.

Having the chapters laid out forced me to think about the book as something other than a nebulous plot and 320 empty pages. It's an effective way to flesh out the story and while I like tools like Dramatica Pro, I think the longhand method of a chapter-by-chapter just works better for me. I am not disparaging tools like DP; it's just not for me.

In any case, here's to the first book - Shadows of the Agarashi: Glory and Greed! *raises his glass*

Take care, all!


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Four posts, as promised.

So there we go, four updates to my story blogs.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'mma go rest mah brain before it boils away. :)