Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Regular posts resuming after the weekend...

Life's going to actually get a little simpler after Sunday and I should have more time to write (with any luck).

Until then I will be in Chicago at Anime Central!

See you all then!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Okay, okay...

So it's been more than two months since the last post. I...

...suck. AND I was busy. I get to claim busy, right? I have been writing scenarios for WotC, working on my next novel and even writing a new novella entitled Caelum, World of Dreams. So my fingers have not been idle!

Still, I took an oath to write on one of my blogs every day and in that, I failed.

The adage says where there is life, there is hope. Since I still seem to have a pulse, I reserve the right to start again.


Hopefully I'll keep at it this time. However, I do warn you all; I will be out of contact until the 9th or so of February as I depart on my bus trek from Hell (Kitimat, BC to Lousiville, KY). 4000 miles by Greyhound. NOT looking forward to it.

I'll hit the writing hard at that point. Until then, I'll do the next two nights and that'll be it for a while.

Take care and much love,