Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A messed up dream...

I am just going to write this one down straight, since I am not really awake enough to make sense of it just yet:

There's a singular fact about the universe and everything in it - the Truth. Once someone knows the Truth, they can manipulate reality through mere thought. It's like concentration, like mental powers that can mold and shape the physical world. It can even be like telepathy, though it cannot achieve mind control. That seems to be its one limitation. The Truth cannot affect free will. Beyond that, anything goes.

Learning the Truth requires being shown the Truth or, rarely, discovering it on one's own. Think of it like reaching Nirvana, the ultimate Enlightenment. The easy path to it is for someone else who knows the Truth to reveal it to you. In that moment, you become one of two things - Lucid or Broken.

The Lucid are those with the ability to understand the Truth and deal with all that it means. That God is both everywhere and nowhere, both everyone and no one at all. This acceptance brings amazing power, though the exact level to which a person can use it depends almost entirely on their own minds and intellect. Knowing the Truth is one thing; wielding it effectively is something altogether different.

The Broken cannot handle the truth. Their minds short out when it is revealed and in a burst of cascading mental failures, they usually become hideously disfigured and forget the Truth immediately afterwards. They cannot cope with what the Truth means and in that moment of denial, their shattered self-image wreaks terrible damage on themselves and their environment. Some die, most are deformed, and a terrible few only bear their scars on the inside. Those often retain their Lucidity, only showing how Broken they are in moments of inconceivable madness.

(All of that was from a dream I had last night. o_O )


Zay said...


Freaky as it may have been, it's an awesome idea.

Zay said...

I love you, sweetheart.

othie said...

hmm...this reminds me alot of Hermetic Philosophy, more to the point "The All" there are things that are different of course, but it is the first thing that comes to mind, have you studied it?